About Poochbliss

My name is Ann Margaret and Poochbliss is my way of sharing the love and excitement dogs have bought to my life. While I was never allowed to have a dog as a child, I was fascinated by my friends' and neighbors' pets. When I finally experienced having my own dogs, it was magical. My own experience of a dog's devotion and intuitive spirit made me even more appreciative of these creatures. Our children caught the dog love bug early and now as adults all have their own best friends.

Some of my favorite dog art projects have included dog art utilizing bathroom humor and the coordinating "Where's the doggie?" series I have created. Now I offer custom vector portraits for anyone to enjoy.

While my family has included rescues of large mix breed german shepards, rhodesian ridgeback, golden retreiver and labs, hubby and I currently have a chiweenie and a chihuahua that have stolen our hearts.